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Encircle Media

The 100% black-owned Encircle Media is a full-service digital communications agency with five full-time staff. Founded in 2014, Encircle Media offers marketing and advertising, public relations and branding for companies across various media platforms.  In the last financial year, Encircle Media contracted over a 100 freelancers and agencies.

Encircle Media offers digital amplification through content creation, SEO and adword strategies as well as the social media advertising services integral to the growth of many businesses. Encircle Media digitally strengthens successful content to boost the content reach to the client’s desired target market and a wider audience. Digital amplification with strategically placed television adverts on social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok guarantees a reach into the client’s target market. Amplification through social media is the only and best way to drive traffic to a client’s website or television show.

According to director and founder Lester Din, the agency shifted from activations, production, and promotions to miniseries and reality show promotions. From the beginning, Encircle Media counted DSTV, MNET and SuperSport among their clients.

COVID-19 confined people in their homes during lockdown and they watched more television. Spending power dropped. Therefore, Encircle Media took time to lay the foundations and make people aware of the content – or ‘business as usual with a twist’. Encircle Media’s successful adaptation to the circumstances is due to great communication and teamwork.

Din attributes Encircle Media’s success to the willingness to change and meet clients’ expectations. In reference business director Bontle Phiri, Din says, “We are fortunate because changing to meet the clients’ expectations improves the company. We have a mindset of getting the job done, no matter what.”

In the past year, Encircle Media celebrated their offices moving to Riversands I-Hub and looks forward to returning there full-time as restrictions are lifted. Moving forward, Din plans to welcome two or three new people to the team. Furthermore, Din wants to formalise the contracts with micro-influencers to encourage them to grow and create employment.

Encircle Media always relies on word-of-mouth to grow and will continue to flourish thanks to its dedication to customer service.

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