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Lekgopo Leso Security Services

Crime and criminals have no-where to hide with Lekgopo Leso security services on the job. This security company founded in 2014 offers VIP services, guarding (property, construction sites, warehouses, and schools) and events security. The company now employs 300 people (120 permanent and the rest are on contracts); 25% of the work force is women.

To most security guys Covid 19 was a blessing says Director of Lekgopo leso security services, Lekgaka Frans Chepape. Clients were off site due to Covid lockdown restrictions. The company experienced a 30% growth in the past financial year and is getting more client referrals from current clients.

Chepape also attributes the company’s success to having offices at Riversands I-hub. “People can locate us easily, its closer to our community and its convenient. Almost 99% of the employees are from Diepsloot – “we pick them up and drop them off at the job sites,” says Chepape.

Malebusa Nyaile the CEOs Operations Manager says the director’s good marketing skills, dedication to the work that they do and having cultivated a close relationship with all the employees has also contributed to the company’s growth.

Chepape is a strong believer of charity begins at home. In 2018 With the businesses profit Chepape purchased two houses and built backrooms on one of the properties to provide free housing for 15 of his employees that live in Diepsloot.

These employees have been with the company since inception, and they have been loyal. The benefit to the company is that the employees are easily accessible when there are strikes.

In 2019 the company also sponsored Thembi Mabele to study at UNISA towards a teaching qualification. “We paid for one year. She was a neighbor at Diepslot she passed well,” says Chepape.

“We are also sponsoring netball and soccer at Riversands. We are doing these things because as we grow, we want the people around us to grow too,” says Chepape.

Future plans, include opening another security company outside Gauteng and then broadening our interests into the property market.

Crime be not proud – we are here our security guys are brutal. The people that work don’t take any nonsense they know why they are there. We can’t all the same – most of them have a purpose they have families. The recurrent trainings also support them in their work.

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