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The Essential Services Show Must Go On!

Essential services are exempt from lockdown (obviously taking social distancing and protection precautions for personnel on the road) and two businesses at Riversands I-Hub are deemed essential: Organic Matters which removes fat from grease traps for supermarkets and Montech Calibration Services which calibrates equipment for a medical client.

Commenting on Organic Matters’ current situation, operations manager Mandy Collins said that the majority of the company’s clients are restaurants, which are closed but food retailers still need to have the teams clear their grease traps.

“We have all the permits required and the team has been briefed on all social distancing and provided with PPE including masks. We had contingency plans in place which are coming into their own,” she said.

SANAS-accredited calibration laboratory Montech Calibration Services has a permit to service a large medical client with numerous branches during lockdown. Entrepreneur Seola Mashamaite was awarded the contract after lengthy due diligence and has now been working for the company for almost 18 months.

“We specialise in calibrating temperature and humidity equipment; we’ve also formed relationships with other laboratories to offer full calibration services including mass and electrical as well as dimension and anything else that needs to measure accurately!” explained Mashamaite.

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