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Zozi Global Logistics and Projects

Established in 2014, Zozi Global Logistics and Projects specialises in providing transport solutions to quarries and civil construction industries. Zozi Global Logistics and Projects delivers innovative transport solutions and advanced fleet management capabilities with sustainable results to a diverse client base.

Director Vuyo Zozi says, “We service developers, the construction industry and any business that works with building materials, rubble removal and construction site clearing.” Zozi Global Logistics and Projects employs nine permanent staff and between five and seven casual staff.

Due to cutbacks made on business spending during the COVID-19 pandemic, Zozi Global Logistics accelerated and upped its sales game. The company now offers incentives to existing clients and employees and collaborates with other businesses within the sector.

Zozi credits the marketing strategy as the main reason for gaining new clients during the pandemic. By focusing on marketing, Zozi Global Logistics has a better goal outline and vision regarding the value of the company’s services. The marketing strategy has a good return on investment because the company now better understands its clients’ needs.

The company reviewed its plans and goals in the past year and trained, built a stronger team and worked hard to serve existing clients. A positive outlook and business confidence and support have been a great help to get through the changes. In addition, the current industrial and market environment challenged and inspired the founder and employees to grow in personal development and services.

A key ingredient to Zozi Global Logistics’ success is maintaining a solid reputation, going the extra mile for clients, and selling the right product at an affordable price. Zozi says, “The customer is key – without the customers, there is no Zozi Global Logistics and Projects, so we must always respect our clients”

Moving forward, Zozi Global Logistics and Projects will acquire more equipment and trucks, as well as diversify into making roads.

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